PEHA offers a wide selection of functions for all purposes. Combination frames for horizontal or vertical installation are a useful addition, rounding off the range of switches.
With the roller shutter control it is possible to control motor operated shutters, blinds and sun protection devices separately, in groups or centrally.
Your favourite music or the news with minimum space requirements out of the wall. Suitable for vertical and horizontal installation in two wall boxes.
Safety and comfort combined at any time of the day or night! The new motion detectors from PEHA offer maximum security and reliable.
PEHA offers a balanced range of appliances for automating lighting control, especially in commercial or public areas.
PEHA's PHC House Control System is a building management system designed especially for use in private and relatively small commercial properties.
The unique Easyclick transmitters need neither wiring nor batteries. Position the Easyclick transmitters just where you want them. And forget any tedious maintenance work.
PEHA demonstrates impressively that exemplary technology and safe operability can be attractively housed, even in a hospital.