Easyclick - the flexible radio system!

Easyclick Funksystem

The unique Easyclick transmitters manage without cables and batteries. Place the Easyclick transmitters wherever you want. Forget annoying maintenance service. Easyclick simply always works.


You receive an extensive functionality and unimaginable possibilities of interior design because the wall transmitters only have to be glued on!
This system is maintenance free and convinces through a variety of functions, which can be expanded through new components.
Installation technology without cable and battery maintenance, individually adjustable to the needs of various purpose buildings.
Easyclick as central radio control: simple and easy to use! With Easyclick modular devices.
The complete building control in one hand! Whether complex lighting scenes or extensive actions by exact timing.
The bidirectional Easyclick flush-mounting/intermediate receivers can not only receive radio signals, but also transmit back their status every time it changes.
The in-wall receivers with support plate enable you to use a conventional button fixture instead of a radio transmitter for local operation.
Never before you were able to control your lights, roller shutters and other electrical consumers so easily and future orientated.