System diversity - without wires, without batteries


With Easyclick PEHA presents a radio controller without battery and without connection cables. You receive an extensive functionality and unimaginable possibilities of interior design because the wall transmitters only have to be glued on!


Easyclick-Montage   Easyclick-Wandsender   Easyclick-Baldachin-Empfänger
No prying open walls, no dirt: just glue the battery-free wall transmitters on!

Therefore a quick and clean assembly without dirt and prying open walls is guaranteed. 


The receivers can be placed out of sight in the baldachin. Suspended lamps too can be switched quickly and easily by radio signals.

A convincing answer in building biology terms, too!
Wall-mounted radio transmitters can actually reduce the electro-smog load in the home and the office. Wall-mounted radio transmitters cause approx. 100 times less high frequency emission than conventional light switches. Lowfrequency pulsed AC is substantially reduced thanks to the drastic reduction of hard wiring and cables inside the building. (A comparative study of the emissions caused by Easyclick radio signals conducted by the ECOLOG Institute.)

Typical ranges


Brick walls/
Aerated concrete blocks (ACB)
20 meters through maximum 3 walls

Plaster board/
Wood (dry)
30 meters through
max. 5 walls
Reinforced concrete walls/Reinforced concrete ceilings
10 meters through maximum
1 wall/ceiling

Unobstructed in large rooms and halls: up to 100 meters

System extension for even more possibilities!
The new in-wall receivers with support plate enable you to use a conventional button fixture instead of a radio transmitter for local operation. That saves money! Furthermore, setting additional wall or hand transmitters or setting the Easyclick-timer is even more comfortable. Just pull off the button fixture and adjust the settings! Of course there are new in wall receivers with support plate with the well proven function variety for all areas: Switching, dimming and as a blind or shutter control.

Example shutter control:
Easyclick Rollladensteuerung

The switch can be extended with additional transmitters. Use the in-wall receivers with support plate in connection with conventional button fixtures for the local operation of your receiver! Here the radio transmitter is no longer needed - this means savings with no loss of functionality!

► Cost-efficient

► Comfortable and easy installation
    and programming

► Group, central and scenario functions possible



Easyclick as wireless central control: easy and operator-friendly

The bus installation is easy-“click“ The Easyclick modules are simply connected to each other via Western plugs. No screws are necessary. The connection can be established with a single “Click“.


Modularsystem mit REG  ► Time savings of up to 50 % as compared to wired installation

  ► No repeater required - Secure function by new antenna system

  ► Immediately function-ready per keypress

  ► "Plus"-functions simply adjustable