Wireless comfort for your building

In the following we show you a few Easyclick components and their technical features as an example. A complete overview of all devices can be found in our catalogue, which can be ordered for free or downloaded as pdf.



► Easyclick wall transmitter
The Easyclick wall transmitter are without battery and fully maintenance free. The power is being generated through pressing the button. Easy surface mounting with screws or sticky foil. Ideal for expanding old flush mounted combinations without using a wall box. Combinable with 1 - 5 gang frames of the various programmes STANDARD, DIALOG, AURA and NOVA.


Easyclick Komfort-Handsender

► Easyclickpro-comfort handheld transmitter, 128 radio channels with up to 512 functions
The new Easyclickpro comfort handheld transmitter is an operator-friendly remote control for Easyclick receivers and all other receivers based on EnOcean technology. The Easyclickpro comfort handheld transmitter therefore is ideal for switching/ dimming lighting, control of sunblinds/ roller shutters/shades and many other electrical consumers equipped with EnOcean receivers.

Hotel card switch ► Easyclick hotel card switch Energy-self-sufficient hotel card switch for keeping the hotel card or for switching the power supply per room. Battery-free and maintenance-free Easyclick transmitter for Easyclickpro receiver and radio interfaces for the building systems technology, for surface-mounting with screw or adhesive mounting for hotel card standard dimensions 55 x 85 mm.   Easyclick-Handsender ► Easyclick miniature hand-held transmitter, 4 channels
The Easyclick miniature hand-held transmitter is suitable for the shutters, and for switching and dimming the lights, for raising and lowering the shutters, and for adjusting the louver tilt of the blinds. It does not need a battery and can be switched irrespective of position. When you arrive home it lets you conveniently open the garage door and quickly activate the "welcome back" scenario- all at the touch of a button.

► Easyclick window contact
This door/window contact monitors the status of doors and windows, it does not need a battery, it is operated by Easyclick radio signals via the Easyclickpro receiver. The Easyclick window contact is wireless and completely maintenance-free, it incorporates an internal solar-powered energy store It continues to operate through dark spells lasting several days. Signal transmission is immediate, as soon as a window opens or closes, it is triggered by a window magnet. The window contact can be fitted to all the usual frame profiles. Thanks to its wireless radio transmission the window contact is ideal for installing in existing buildings in order to improve security.





Easyclickpro-Unterputz-Empfänger, 1-Kanal


Easyclickpro-Unterputz-Empfänger, 1-Kanal

► Easyclickpro flush-mounted receiver, 1 channel
This Easyclickpro flush-mounted receiver switches lights and other electrically powered units according to various selectable functions and parameters. Up to a total of 32 transmitters can be trained.


Easyclickpro baldachin receiver, 1 channel
The Easyclickpro baldachin receiver switches lights and other electrically powered units according to various selectable functions and parameters








► Easyclickpro flush-mounted JR receiver with support plate, 2 channels
The Easyclickpro flush-mounted receiver controls shutters and blinds according to various selectable functions and parameters.







Easyclick-Tastaufsatz JR

► Button fixture, 2 gang
for Easy-click in-wall receiver with support plate, with label UP/DOWN.


Easyclickpro adapter  receiver, 1 channel (SCHUKO)
Easyclickpro plug adapter receivers switches lights with regard to different settable functions and parameters. 


Easyclick-Modul-Schalten mit SPV, 4-Kanal, 4 TE

Easyclick module Switching with PSU, 4 channel, 4 TE

The Easyclick module Switching receives its telegrams through the external Easyclick antenna module and performs the set functions and parameters via its relay outputs. The Easyclick module Switching has its own power supply so that further Easyclick modules can be connected with the modular connector cable. The Easyclick module Switching serves for switching lights and other electric devices, taking account of various functions and parameters that can be selected with the turn-switch. Standard function: 2-button function ON/OFF. Selectable functions are e. g. 1-button function, timer functions, fan control, window contact, light scenario control, hotel card switch, time-controlled power disconnect, temperature control etc.