Ideal for schools, sports halls, open-plan offices and communal facilities

Optimum, needs-oriented illumination requiring minimum electricity consumption: requirements which are normally quite difficult to combine. But PEHA has perfectly united these two target concepts resulting in the new PEHA zone control - the ideal illumination control for anyone who does not want to compromise the comforts of light but rather the energy required for such convenience.


Zone 1   Zone 2   Zone 3
Here, in the direct vicinity of windows, daylight is often available in sufficient quantities. PEHA zone control determines the diffused incidence of light and automatically reduces the artificial light.   Daylight is in shorter supply here in the central area of the room. Accordingly, natural light often needs to be supplemented by artificial light by SWITCHING or DIMMING in order to retain optimum room brightness.   The least daylight reaches as far as this area of the room. Artificial light is often the only possibility for illuminating the area in line with the requirements stipulated by the Directive governing workplaces.

The wide ranged and convenient PEHA zone control ensures consistent room illumination while incorporating the respective daylight available. Only as much artificial light is added as required for optimum illumination in line with the Directive governing workplaces.

Easy fitting -
     easy commissioning
  5 pre-programmed room
     type functions
  Intelligent light measuring (Open-
     Loop-light measurement-operation)

Open-Loop-light measurement-operation

Thanks to PEHA zone control and the safe-function open loop light measurement process, you can divide rooms up into three zones in which the artificial lighting is adapted according to the daylight available.