Light only when you need it.

In the following we show you a few components and their technical features as an example. A complete overview of all devices can be found in our catalogue, which can be ordered for free or downloaded as pdf.

Article overview

Spannungsversorgung Zonensteuerung

► Power supply Zone control
Flush-mounted series unit for mounting on DIN rail.

Zonensteuerung Schalten und Dimmen

Zonensteuerung Schalten und Dimmen

► Zone control Switching and dimming

Flush-mounted series unit for mounting on DIN rail, energy-saving daylight-dependent, lighting control for up to 3 switched lighting zones. There are five pre-programmed lighting applications for simple planning and initial set-up (e.g. for production workshops, teaching rooms, corridors, offices, exhibition halls). 


Lichtsensor ► Light sensor
for zone control

► Motion detector
without light sensor for zone control