Save energy - but not comfort!

Light management brings tangible advantages! Less consumption, less costs: „Forgotten" and unnecessary burning lights are history. This decreases the expenses for power and illumination dramatically and often a zone control has paid itself off in a few months. More comfort, more safety: No one has to interrupts ones work or other activities, just to turn on or off the light in time. This plus of comfort does not go at cost of the safety.

Example of use:
Place of production
  Example of use:
  Example of use:
Training classrooms
Anwendungsbeispiel Produktionsstätten   Anwendungsbeispiel Büroräume   Anwendungsbeispiel Schulungsräume

You can find everything here: 1-, 2- or 3 - zone light control including self acting lighting control e.g. 3 - zone switch function in production rooms. The light of the most distant zone from the window switches itself on automatically when daylight decreases, the zone in the middle follows and after that the zone nearest to the windows. Your additional option: switching manually and automatic - off through external timer.

Up to 70% energy saving in offices. Effortless. Just mount the sensors and connect them to the control, the zone system measures the value of natural daylight and switches the lighting by itself. Everything automatically! Motion detectors secure automatic switching off of lights, which of course still can be switched manually. The 3 - zone dimming ensures a soft in-/decrease of artificial light.
Stay in control of the lighting at any time. The PEHA - zone control works independent in two zones, but also can be switched manually, e.g. in training classrooms. The lighting of the blackboard can be switched separately. The obstruction for showing films is possible as usual.
Example of use:
Show room
  Example of use:
Anwendungsbeispiel Ausstellungsräume   Anwendungsbeispiel Korridore/Flure    

At shows you can switch the PEHA - zone control with an external timer on and off. The zone control secures an optimal illumination with maximum energy savings and puts exhibits into the right light. The timer limits the switching of the lights in the required time scope.
In corridors the use of motion detectors is recommendable. They save people from tripping in the dark, always the right light without looking for the switch - especially in public areas, where people are unacquainted with the area. You see: With PEHA everything can be set into the right light, illuminate rooms optimal, save artificial light and avoid dark zones, as comfortable, energy- and cost aware as possible.