Easy, fast, compact

In the following we show you a few components and their technical features as an example. A complete overview of all devices can be found in our catalogue, which can be ordered for free or downloaded as pdf.


Article overview

PHC Compact Rollladenmodul

► Venetian blind/roller shutter module

for mounting on DIN rail, 24 outputs 230 V for 12 roller shutter motors (max. 1 A), 24 inputs 24 V for 12 2 gang pushbutton switch UP/DOWN, 2 inputs for central control for 2 gang pushbutton switch UP/DOWN, 1 input for automatic ON/OFF for one switch, 6 inputs for 3 groups for 2 gang pushbutton switch UP/DOWN, 3 inputs for twilight/sun sensor and wind/rain sensor, display and keypad for setting 2 x 12 switching times (workdays and weekends) and for sensor allocation, special connection for FI protection switch for use in wet rooms is possible. 




► Easyclick wall transmitter
The Easyclick wall transmiiter are withour battery and fully maintenance free. The power is being generated through pressing the button. Easy surface mounting with screws or sticky foil. Ideal for expanding old flufsh mounted combinations without using a wall box. Combinable with 1 - 5 gang frames of the various programmes STANDARD, DIALOG, AURA and NOVA.
Windsensor ► Wind sensor
with 4.5 m connecting cable, 2-wire connection, max. length (min. 0.75 mm2) 100 m, fixing tube Ø 12 mm, fixing by means of PG 13.5 threaded bush possible.
  Regensensor ► Rain sensor
IP 54, cable entry with a PG 9 threaded bush, spacing between the fixing holes 50 x 70 mm, mounting must be on a 30° inclined surface.

Dämmerungs-/Sonnensensor ► Twilight/sun sensor
for connecting to the PHC input modules 24 V (REG), comprising light sensor (IP 44) and evaluation unit (2 module widths), for DIN rail.

Easyclick-PHC/PHC Compact-Interface

► Easyclick PHC/PHC Compact interface

The Easyclick PHC/PHC Compact interface allows a connection to be set up between the Easyclick radio transmitters and the PHC system or PHC compact system. 

Easyclick-Mini-Handsender, 4-Kanal ► Easyclick miniature hand-held transmitter, 4 channels
The Easyclick miniature hand-held transmitter is suitable for the black/grey shutters, and for switching and dimming the lights, for raising and
lowering the shutters, and for adjusting the louver tilt of the blinds. It does not need a battery and can be switched irrespective of position. When you arrive home it lets you conveniently open the garage door and quickly activate the "welcome back" scenario - all at the touch of a button.