Light only when you need it!

Licht nur dann, wenn Sie es brauchen!

Optimal lighting which meets your demands is responsible for a reduced use of power. You do not only save power with the PEHA motion detectors but also the comfort and safety in your home are being increased.


Saving energy is the talk of town. With PEHA motion detectors you always have light, when you really need it - fully automatic. Unnecessary lighting is out of the question.


Licht ganz automatisch – ohne Lichtschalter!   Komfortabel Licht schalten mit Bewegungsmeldern von PEHA!

Light fully automatic - without a switch!
Even if you haven't got a hand free the motion detectors switches the light on or off automatically. This protects you from bad surprises and offers security in every situation, e.g. cellar steps, garages and so on.

Switch light comfortable with PEHA motion detectors!
Especially in unknown rooms a motions detector is essential. Your guests will be enthusiastic about the comfortable welcoming, e.g. guest rest room.