Easyclick - according to your wishes and needs


Functional variety and flexibility - Easyclick in office and functional buildings

Büro- und Zweckbauten


 System for lighting, shutter and room temperature control

 Energy efficient, maintenance free, extensive and flexible where use of space utilization changes
 Compatibility with other building automation systems


The solution: push button and flush-mounted receiver 


Büro- und Zweckbauten

 The functions of the receiver can be set individually 
 The wireless wall switches are only glued - big installation advantage! 
 The battery-free transmitters are completely maintenance free
 Compatible with most building automation systems via EnOcean interface


Energy-efficient heating control - Easyclick in hotel buildings



 Installation of transmitters in the bathroom
 Intelligent heating control through integration of window contacts
 Energy savings through central OFF function thanks to hotel card switch

 Central monitoring of room functions
 The wireless wall switches are only glued - large installation advantage! Freedom in the placement of the transmitter


The Solution: Energy-optimized communications of Easyclick components




 The interaction of the components Easyclick window contact, hotel card switch, thermostat and actuator avoids energy losses
 The heater is controlled by all components in the system and not just the occupier
 All switching states of the electrical load can be visualised and monitored



Prefabrication up. Costs down! - Easyclick in prefabricated houses




 Pre-wired distribution with Easyclick REG devices
 Configurable channel ex factory
 Time-dependent control
 Lighting scenes
 Remote control via Internet
 Group and corporate functions
 Heating control by integration of window contacts
 Presence-dependent lighting control by the presence detector

 Intelligent transmitter


The solution: Ideal for the prefabricated house area 



 The modules are addressed in a distribution of one or more antennas 
 The wiring is done in advance, the transmitter and receiver can be programmed at the factory 
 Radio buttons can be glued later to the desired locations
 Result: complete building management system that meets all customer requests



With Easyclick on the safe side - Easyclick in nursing homes



 Tailor-made application solutions that meet the needs of staff and residents in nursing homes
 Easy to use, reliable operation
 Flexible placement of the transmitter, to retrofit or extension


The solution: Needs-based function assignment 


 Free deliverability of resealable stations, e.g. near the bed, provides safety
 Whether automated or one-button operation - customizable system
 Visualisation allows staff monitoring



Special lighting control - Easyclick in public facilities

Öffentliche Einrichtungen


 Installation of an economic lighting control without switch cable assembly
 Illumination of large areas only when necessary
 Compact size for easy integration into lamp housings


The solution: Cascade connection  


Öffentliche Einrichtungen


 The requirement is so configured that the radio order is transmitted from luminaire to luminaire
 No costly switch cable assembly necessary
 Only 230 V are required proven by EnOcean technology, ensuring accurate functionality in the Easyclick components
 The system is easily upgradeable / expandable