A new radio era has begun


The old Easyclick flush mounting receivers are now replaced with the new Easyclickpro generation – You can choose either the new bidirectional flush mounting receiver without energy meter or the new bidirectional flush mounting/plug through receiver with energy meter. You are then given greater flexibility, convenience, reliability, and cost effectiveness for all of your building needs!


What provide the new flush mounting / intermediate receivers Easyclickpro?


Bidirektionale Easyclickpro Unterputz-Empfänger optional mit Energiemessung      

 Energy efficient receivers
 Energy consumption control by smart submetering

• Fast transmitter assignments without the need to push LRN buttons
 Integrated repeaters for cost savings
 Compatibility with the latest EnOcean standard products
 KEMA certified product safety




Flush mounting receiver with optional energy meter




The bidirectional Easyclick flush-mounting/intermediate receivers can not only receive radio signals, but also transmit back their status every time it changes. Actual ON/OFF switched states can then be visualised on the Easyclick de luxe handheld transmitter. In addition to the bidirectional functions, the Easyclick receiver variants feature an integrated energy meter that can record the energy values of the connected consumer. 



Attributes and advantages:

 Acknowledges from receivers: A radio signal is transmitted every time a status changes
Smart Submetering: Easyclick receivers with integrated energy meter record the energy used by the connected consumer
 Cost savings with boosted radio ranges: The receivers feature preinstalled repeater functions that can be activated when needed (Level 1 and Level 2)
 Optimised power supply and bistable relays minimise own ower consumption (< 0.5 W)
 Compatibility: The new EnOcean standard protocols (EEP) make the receivers futureproof for reliable returns on investments
 Greater convenience and energy efficiency: A large number of functions and parameters can be selected e.g. for the remote switches: 2-key standard function, 1-key function, ON/OFF witch, stairwell functions with selectable OFF times and advance OFF warning, automatic OFF after selectable times, fan function with delayed ON and automatic OFF, four lighting scenes, window contacts, window handles, movement detector and brightness sensor
 A function can be assigned individually to each programmed ransmitter
 Separate preassigned functions and parameters for simple ensor assignments when e.g. window contacts, window andles, and movement detectors are being programmed
 Product safety: All new Easyclick receivers have been certified under the PEHA standard KEMA