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D 952 JRM
Venetian blind/roller shutter module

Blind/roller shutter module

For mounting on DIN rail, 24 outputs 230 V~ for 12 roller shutter motors (max. 1 A), 24 inputs 24 V for 12 2-gang pushbuttons UP/DOWN, 2 inputs for central control for 2-gang pushbutton UP/DOWN, 1 input for automatic ON/OFF for a switch, 6 inputs for 3 groups for 2-gang pushbutton UP/DOWN, 3 inputs for twilight/sun sensor and wind/rain sensor. Clear, logically structured menu with LCD display for setup of the switching times with daily/weekly programmes and group assignments and for the sensor assignment. A special connection for a FI-protection switch for wet rooms is possible, incl. power supply 230 V AC/24 V DC, 216 mm wide (12 module widths).

Can be extended up to 20 motors by connecting 1 PHC input module PHC D 940/24 EM RÜ and 2 PHC blind modules PHC D 940 JRM (D 940/24 EM RÜ is absolutely essential).