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Ceiling motion detector 360
Ceiling motion detector with 360 detection range and relay output, for presence-dependent and daylight-dependent switching on and off of the lighting in the range of 5 to 1000 Lux. Installation either surface-mounted or flush in the ceiling. The light value and switch-off delay are adjusted via the potentiometer on the device itself.

Technical data:
Technology: PIR
Power supply voltage: 220-240 V~, 50 Hz
Relay load (potential-free when jumper is removed): max. 6 A, ohmic load 1440 W, fluorescent lamps with inductive ballast 500 W, fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast 400 W, ESL: 120 W, LED: 110 W Motor load: 75 W
Coverage angle: 360 horizontal
Detection angle can be reduced with covers
Installation: optionally surface-mounted or ceiling-mounted
Installation height: 1.8-3 m
Range: diameter max. 6 m for an 2.5 m installation height
Switch-off delay: 5 seconds to 15 minutes
Light value: 5-1000 Lux
Temperature range: 0 C-40 C
Protection class surface-mounted: IP44
Protection class ceiling-mounted: IP44 (sensor part), IP20 (upwards from ceiling panel)
Colour: pure white (RAL 9010)
Dimensions surface-mounted: height 66.7 mm, 97.2 mm
Dimensions ceiling-mounted: holes 75 to 80 mm, installation depth 41 mm, visible height 22 mm, 97.2 mm