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D 891-3 AS O.A.
Automatic switch 110 relay version
Automatic switch 110 relay version Detection angle: 110 horizontally, 60 vertically, detector inclined sideways by 20, at a height of 0.8?1.20 m beside the door Range: approx. 6 m frontal, 4.5 m sideways Supply voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz ON time: adjustable from approx. 5 sec. to 20 min. Light sensor: adjustable from bright (daytime operation) to dark 3-lead relay version, switching capacity: 1000 W Filament lamps 0500 W 230 V high voltage halogen lamps 0800 VA cos = 0.5 max. 1 electronic ballast directly switchable (dependent on model), note electronic ballast peak inrush current. When switching more a power relay must be used. Neutral conductor necessary.